Working from Home Observations

We are well into our third week of self-quarantine and a few things have become apparent. Some good, some bad. Rather surprisingly, I have been quite calm throughout the quarantine. I’m busy, but with the extended tax deadlines, there isn’t the usual amount of stress at this time of year. However, the restaurant at my home office is really crappy! The food is pretty good, but the service is just awful. To my wife’s credit, she never did work as a server, but still.

I don’t miss dropping off and picking up my wife from work every day, but I do miss her frequently asking “where are you taking me?” at the end of most days. Now, instead of having to think of a restaurant, I just say “the kitchen”.

Speaking of driving, on the rare occasions that I have had to drive, it has been fun! Toronto is a great city when all of the cars are gone. I know exactly how long it will take to get from A to B, but there’s no good reason to go to B. Gas is cheap (never thought I would see these prices again), but unfortunately, I haven’t driven enough to need to fill up! Just once, before I die, I want to see a gas receipt under $50.

My staff, Bobo and Emmitt
Bobo & Emmitt (my staff)

I miss going to my office and I miss my staff. Here they are, waiting for work! Sadly, Bobo, the little one, passed away last week. Most mornings, he would come galloping into my office and spend his day on my couch. Later in the day, his mom would come by to take him home. Even with the promise of dinner, the little guy took his time walking out (he was getting quite old). When we do get back to the office, I fear it will never be quite the same. Emmitt, the golden, often comes by to see if the day’s work involves a ball, stuffed toy or a treat. If not, he’s hard to motivate but a great companion just the same.

It took about a week to organize my home office so that I can work efficiently. There is no couch, no staff and no colleagues, just a bunch of tax files to review.