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Paul S. Hewitt, CPA, CA is a full-service accounting firm, located in Toronto.  He has been a Chartered Accountant since 1983.

Whether you are an individual with a complex tax situation, a restaurant owner struggling with a tax audit, or a small business owner seeking accounting and tax advice, Paul will solve your problems quickly and effectively.

Need help forging a path to profitability and long-term growth for your small business?  Paul will help you develop a practical plan and avoid costly mistakes that many small business owners make.

Restaurant owners will find a wealth of information in his internationally recognized blogs on restaurant tax issues and restaurant profitability.

With over 30 years' experience helping small businesses and individuals achieve their personal and financial goals, Paul S. Hewitt, CPA, CA is sure to be able to help you too!



Need to file personal, corporate, trust or HST returns?  Are you behind in filing?  Are you the victim of an unfair tax audit?  Has the CRA targeted your restaurant?  Is the stress of it all interfering with your life?  Get the help you need right now.  Paul has saved small businesses and individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars, winning cases against the tax man.  He can help you too.

Based in Toronto, Paul S. Hewitt, CPA, CA offers a full suite of solutions to your tax problems.  Professional tax services include:  personal and corporate income tax preparation, creative tax planning, effective tax dispute resolution, and winning tax appeals.

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All small businesses need an accurate set of books to support their tax returns and help defend against tax audits.  A strong small business accounting system gives you real-time accounting information to better manage your business and make confident business decisions.  Other important information won't be found in your accounting system.  For that, you need Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at your fingertips.  KPIs help owners monitor the important activities that help them achieve their business goals.

Paul S. Hewitt, CPA, CA develops tailored accounting solutions that are easy to maintain and provide small business owners with the information they need, when they need it, wherever they may be.


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In addition to his knowledge and experience as a Chartered Accountant, Paul Hewitt owned and managed restaurants in Toronto for almost 15 years.  He understands the problems small business owners face every day and the practical methods needed to solve them.  Paul can help you develop and implement a practical business plan to guide your management decisions, take advantage of opportunities, and reduce your risk.

Paul S. Hewitt, CPA, CA offers a wide variety of consulting services, to help you succeed and grow your small business, including strategic business planning and implementation, start-up assistance, operational improvements, and risk analysis.

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