Small Business Accounting Solutions

Is this you?

Are you drowning in paperwork?  Tax returns always filed late?  Always searching for business information that should be at your fingertips?  If so, not only is your small business accounting system not working for you, it's costing you money.

Paul is here to help.  He creates tailored small business accounting and information systems to give small business owners the information they need to make better decisions and grow.  Backed by over 30 years' experience and an extensive knowledge of tax, accounting and business, he performs each service to the highest standards, on time, and with a passion for exceeding your expectations.

As well, Paul owned and managed several successful restaurants for 15 years.  He fully understands your needs and concerns as a small business owner and takes a hands-on, practical approach to making your life easier.



Year-end Financial Statements

Most small businesses need an accountant to prepare year-end financial statements and tax returns.  This is an extremely important task, as the financial statements are relied upon by the CRA and possibly other third-parties.

The most important aspect of the year-end work is a review of the accounts to ensure compliance with tax laws.  Paul brings his extensive knowledge and experience dealing with small business tax issues to each year-end accounting engagement.

Paul designs custom small business accounting solutions that meet statutory requirements, provide the information you need to manage your business, and are easily maintained.  Year-end financial statements summarize your past results.  While they are required for corporate and tax purposes, they aren't very useful for making

Year-end financial statements summarize your past results, and they are required for corporate and tax purposes.  However, they aren't very useful for making current management decisions.  For that, you may wish to consider business analytics to monitor and improve business performance.


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Small Business Accounting

Information... when you need it, where you need it, and with a minimum of effort.

Your accounting system should be more than just a necessary cost of doing business and filing taxes.  It should give you the information you need to make sound business decisions.  It should be tailored to meet your needs and be easy to maintain.

Paul S. Hewitt, CPA, CA helps clients set up and maintain efficient small business accounting systems that provide accurate and complete information about their business.

Owners can use current financial information to manage day-to-day tasks, such as billing, collections, purchasing, payments and payroll.  If the books are kept up to date, they can be used to spot trends at an early stage.

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Business Intelligence

Financial statements only tell part of the story.  They tell you what happened not what might happen in the future.  They provide a summary of all of the transactions that occurred in the business.  Successful business owners need to know the detail behind the numbers.  That's where analytics comes in.

Using a variety of tools, Paul helps small businesses unlock the secrets buried in their business data.  These insights help you make better business decisions in marketing, sales, employee performance evaluations, and cash flow management, to name a few.

Important trends need to be identified as early as possible, so you can make the right decisions to overcome a negative development or take advantage of new opportunities... before your competitors do.


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